10 July 2014

St Christopher's Sustainability Conference - Debate Finalists!

Students from Hope Academy were invited to Lancashire's largest school's sustainability conference on Wednesday 9th July, to showcase their sustainability app project and take part in a sustainability debate and workshops.

Jack Beswick (Y13) and Alex Forber (Y9) came top of the group stage; beating nine other schools overall, and were subsequently entered in the finalist debate in front of hundreds of students  and sustainability experts across the country and representatives from Germany. The judges and the Eco Schools charity commented on how well they had presented their arguments. They were a credit to themselves and to Hope Academy.
Jack and Alex before the final

Their arguments for the debate were very challenging, yet were able to confidently put across their points. In the final debate motion Alex and Jack had to oppose, “Properly harnessed, renewable resources can supply all our energy needs."

During the group stage they had to propose, “Fracking is the only solution to our energy needs” and oppose “Local production of food is the only way to a sustainable future”.

They were narrowly beaten by the other finalist team, but showed great passion throughout the contest.

Hope Students showcasing their app project at the market place
It was a very special and proud moment for Hope Academy, especially for Jack and Alex - well done to them and everyone involved.

08 April 2014

New look Recycling Centre gets seal of approval

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority’s Ravenhead Recycling Centre at Burtonhead Road in St Helens has reopened this week after an extensive redevelopment.

Improvements to the Centre include a new split-level layout to make depositing of waste and recyclables easier, with a canopy over the skip area and a new Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) building.

A new access road for operational and public vehicles incorporates bypass lanes to allow residents vehicles to exit or overtake when skips are occupied. The site also has additional road space and improved traffic management, which will keep vehicles off the highway.

 The redeveloped Centre has a redesigned layout to help recycling and improve residents experience on site. The redeveloped Centre is open to public:
·         1st April – 30th September: 8.00 am to 8.00 pm

·         1st October – 31st March: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Cllr Graham Morgan, MRWA Chairperson said: “We’re really excited to be reopening this popular Centre. This fantastic improved facility will contribute to achieving improved recycling and composting across Merseyside. 
When we consulted residents they told us they were keen to recycle more and the facility accommodates a wide range of different categories of waste containers for recycling. It is another step towards our aim of zero waste to landfill. This newly redeveloped Centre is much more pleasant experience for visitors, and will be easier to navigate, which will hopefully encourage more recycling.”

 Carl Beer, MRWA Chief Executive said: “This redevelopment of this Recycling Centre is part of a drive to improve all our facilities, as well as build brand new ones. Merseyside needs to reduce its reliance on landfill and our push for new and improved waste management amenities will help us to achieve this.”
As part of the redevelopment of the site, local artist, Bernie Hughes from the Rainford Design Studio has worked with pupils from Hope Academy in Newton le Willows and members of the local University of the Third Age to develop a permanent piece of public artwork for the site in the form of a mosaic.  The mosaic picked up the themes of ‘Reduce Reuse Recycle’ and was produced following workshops held in the Academy and in the local community. Pupils from the Academy have also produced a range of bird boxes using recycled materials for the site.

Hope Academy students with some of the recycled bird boxes they have produced for the redeveloped Centre. Pictured from left to right Leah Prescott, Laura Pendleton, Nathan Sharratt, Shane Peet and Phoebe Chandler.

04 April 2014

Earth Hour 2014 RESULTS!

A huge thank you to Hope Academy pupils and teachers for taking part in Earth Hour.

An incredible 4,600 schools took part in Earth Hour 2014, making it the biggest ever. We really appreciate everything that you did to support our brilliant planet!
On behalf of WWF, they would like to thank for your ongoing support and please do join us again for Earth Hour next year – 28 March 2015!
Below are the results of the electricity and CO2 we saved by switching off the Academy lights during Friday 28th March.
We saved 187 kWh and 102 (kg) CO2 as a result - well done.
Electricity & CO2 consumption on Earth Hour - 28th March
2,347 kWh & 1,280 (kg) CO2 used

Electricity & CO2 consumption on Earth Hour - 21st March
2,534 kWh & 1,382 (kg) CO2 used

21 March 2014

Hope Achieves GREEN FLAG Status!!!

On Friday March the 7th, Hope Academy was visited by the Eco-schools assessor who validated our application for Green Flag status. She met with pupils and teachers to find out what the Academy do to promote sustainability across the curriculum, campus and community. 

We had to meet a range of criteria and showcase this evidence on the day to support the assessor’s judgment. She reported,

 “The Eco-schools’ programmes of study are being used to good effect to introduce students to aspects of Education for Sustainable Development. The young people I spoke to were well informed and well-motivated. They provided me with a detailed presentation and answered my questions confidently. They were keen to showcase their school and share good practice.”

The award celebrates and acknowledges all the hard work the teachers and pupils do to work together to improve the environment, encourage citizenship, and promote healthy lifestyles and much more besides.

A special mention goes out to the Eco-committee who led the visit and to all the staff who continually raise awareness of sustainable topics in the curriculum, such as energy, transport, waste, water, litter, biodiversity and global perspectives.

04 March 2014

Christmas Card Project

Y7 students have worked closely with a local company called “Created by Kids” to transform their creative work into high quality, eco-friendly personalised greeting cards. 

They offer an environmentally sustainable product that matches (and hopefully exceeds!) the value for money and quality of national competitors.

Well done to the competition winners who had their designs chosen:
Mia Phillips, Phoebe Chandler, Nikola Maciejewska, Georgia Harris and Tia Birkett

All proceeds were donated to Willowbrook Hospice

Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority (MRWA) Community Project

The Eco-committee took part in a number of workshops during the February Breakout day delivered by the MRWA and Cheetham Hill construction. Students learnt the need for the new waste site at Burtonhead Road in St Helens and discussed the environmental impact and construction of the project.

They also looked at waste management as a career by discussing opportunities across the industry. They were shown what it is like working in the construction industry and discussed health, safety and wellbeing issues.

For the rest of the day students worked with local artist Bernadette Hughes, Mr Kelly and Mrs Clayton to create a mosaic to display at the site with the words "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. They also created bird boxes with Mr Ditchfield and Mr Brooks which will be used at the new waste site.

Above are some of the staff from MRWA and Cheetham Hill construction with the Eco committee proudly showing some of the bird boxes they created.

24 January 2014

Sustainability App (SAPP) Project

Our Y7 Thematic students are creating an exciting and informative app all about our specialism of sustainability.

You can follow the project here: http://sustainabilityapp.blogspot.co.uk/

Billy Kinsley & Phoebe Chandler will update the blog each week to show the progress of the project.